about this blog

Hi, I'm Laura. The author of this blog.
And a girl obsessed.
With food. With food blogs and websites. The Food Network. Cooking competition shows. Cookbooks and cooking magazines. Restaurants and cafes. Grocery stores. Farmers markets. Gardens and farms. Breakfast, and lunch and dinner. And dessert. OH, dessert.
I've always known I had a love for food and flavor, but I never knew this love would become such a growing passion until a few years ago.
I have so many thoughts and ideas for the future, so many recipes I want to remember and want to try. So I started this blog for myself. A personal place that I can recall past and present stories and recipes, and a place that I can jot down everything food-related that makes me excited daily.

When I'm not thinking about all things food-related, I dream about traveling the world with my partner in crime.

Meet Eric (my guinea pig and best friend).
I write about him a lot.
He eats all of the food I cook, and loves me even more for it.

Together we like to eat.
We share a mutual passion for not only food, but also the outdoors, adventure, and traveling. Traveling gives us the amazing opportunity to meet incredible people (like each other!) from around the globe, obtain exposure to different cultures, experience diverse outdoor activities, eat delicious and interesting food, practice our language skills, learn about history, and make unforgettable memories.

This blog will also serve as our online travel journal. We will do our best to highlight the food, people, places and art of the countries and cities we visit together.
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